About us

Our Story

Stan Moritz store is an international store oriented for Men and Women !

The idea of Stan Moritz was created back in 2015 by two brothers from Europe, when they wanted to find ways to express themselves; then they wanted to have something unique that would separate them from a crowd.

Now, Stan Moritz has grown into an international store and is expanding rapidly: at the moment we are delivering to more than 100 countries worldwide.

We are offering only passionate and fashionable items! Unique styles: shirts, coats, accessories, leather jackets and bags !

All of our products are hand-picked, tested and approved by the Stan Moritz Team. Our inventory only consists of products, which have passed our high-quality test.

Our main target is to make our customers happy: we are trying to achieve that by offering an effortless shopping experience.

For more information and business proposals please email us at support@stanmoritz.com

Thank you for choosing us!

Stan Moritz Team